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We will add uniqueness and competitiveness to your products by utilizing the knowledge and experience we have cultivated so that you can get along with us for a long time. Please consult us.

【Development methods
used so far】

Lend standard products as “demonstration machines” and develop and adjust them on your own.
If there is no problem with the demo machine, order a standard product.
Increased your burden.
The optical unit is not competitive.

【Development methods
required in the future.】

Participate from your product planning stage.
Advice on optics.
Once the specifications are finalized, create a prototype.
After confirmation, if there is no problem, mass production.
Reduce your burden.
Product power is expected to increase by installing an original optical unit that matches the product concept.

【Development policy】

Development policyDevelopment policy

Build a WIN-WIN relationship between us and our customers.

In order to use our products for a long time, your products need to be sold for a long time.
Therefore, we provide generous knowledge and experience that we have accumulated so that products can be unique and competitive.
Please consult us.