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Zoom Stereo Microscope(Triocular Head)


モデル SSZ-T
Feature It is three glasses cylinder type for CCD camera and digital camera.
The distance (operating distance) on the sample side from the tip of the real cover was designed long. As a result, the work space can be widely secured and the work efficiency has improved further. You can operate without separating eyes from the eyepiece with the zoom steering wheel where the body tube is installed right and left. L series adopts reflected
Total Magnification 7×~45×
Eyepiece Lens WF10×(F.N. 20)
Objective lens 0.7×~4.5×
Working Distance 100mm
Tube Rotation 360°Rotatable and Removable,
Adjustment of width of eyes 54mm~76mm,
Visibility Adjustment.
Stand Standard pole stand with Stage clips
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