Special manufacturer of Optical Instruments,Precision instrument is Kyowa Optical Co.,Ltd. We can correspond your needs of Optical relation.

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Our company came walking as a microscope manufacturer after the establishment in 1940. Then, make the best use of cultivated technology and results, and in compliance with needs in the age, and we worked on the development of various new products.
The macro zoom and the optics system of customizing unit are masterpieces that are researched, developed, and established exactly by answering needs in the age.
Of course, it is a product from which high accuracy and an accurate recognition performance are requested but products of our company are being admitted by a lot of top-ranking companies by results of many years and the technology that piles it up. The usage is wide. It is installed in the printer, the inspection line, and semiconductor-fabrication equipment, etc. for the measurement and recognition. Our company can do everything by making optical adjustments of the lens or the recognition parts a unit that is technically difficult and a thing also that it costs. The time crunch in customer's process, the miniaturization in the device, the high accuracy of the recognition parts, and low-cost were achieved. Please use it to reduce in the product cost. We will match to the usage of the device, and customize it in compliance with various demands of the customer.

The Customize Optical system of Kyowa Optical Co.,Ltd.

  • Example 1
    Multiple camera Optical system

    Wide-ranging work on the side is taken, and the magnification is changed and taken with four cameras respectively at a time.

  • Example 2
    3 cameras 3 focus possible Optical system

    The focus position is changed and upper one work is taken. It is also possible to adjust the magnification at the same time.

  • Example 3
    2 cameras 2 upper and lower view Optical system

    Work in two places can be recognized at it upper and lower and right and left and simultaneous.

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