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Biological Microscope

KYOWA biological microscope are in a class by themselves.
Specially designed to stand up heavy classroom punishment year to year, they clearly meet or exceed laboratory requirements for secondary schools, technical schools and colleges with medical technology curriculum.

Stereo Microscope

KYOWA’s precision optics are world renowned for their superior performance and resolution. Kyowa Stereo microscopes provides sharp, clear, brilliant images, allowing the user to work for long periods of time without fatigue or eye strain.
Its rugged construction for quality control, assembly line, laboratory or classroom.
Each of Kyowa product of high technology and quality, is designed to provide years of trouble –free service and high performance at a moderate price.
We offer various kinds of stereo microscope such as 2-step magnification type, zoom magnification type and reflected / illumination.

Educational microscope

KYOWA educational microscope range is an outcome of 77years experience in teaching microscopy and extensive knowledge of our optical engineers.
The outstanding optical performance of these products enables long productive sessions for students for beginner, intermediate and advanced science teaching classes in elementary schools and junior high school.

Metallurgical Microscope

Kyowa Metallurgical microscope are used for metallurgical inspection, including metals, ceramics, semiconductors and other materials which is.

Polarizing Microscope

Superb sharp images, a hallmark of Kyowa optics and precision engineering coupled with excellent design, a hallmark of Kyowa production, make polarizing microscope always to be considered the best in its class.

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