Chiefly,It have aimed at observation of microorganism, bacillus, and organization. So it is a high magnification as 40×〜1000×.
Recently the one with high magnification in addition has become a main current to project it onto the monitor with CCD camera etc. It becomes ≒4760 time from the biological microscope that puts up 100 times object lens through CCD camera 15-inch monitor. Be to put the specimen (sample) on the glassboard (Praparat), to penetrate, and the feature to observe it. The thing of simple 40× 400 × that suppresses the magnification to low is for school children, and 40× 600 × type is used by an educational purpose for the high school student.



It is widely chiefly used in the factory and the inspection line. Generally, an integrated magnification is used by 10× 40 ×, and it is likely to be built in not only the confirmation of the process and the check but also devices. It is found useful with the microscope to observe the sample as it is at the factory in the precision part like the base etc. There are a magnification fixation type, a magnification switch type, and a zoom type by the observation object, and the lighting also has both the reflected and the penetration type.



It indicates the biological microscope to aim at use on an educational site. Turret lathes are three holes, and 4× is used for object lens, the eyepiece uses 10×. The mirror reflector is used in elementary and junior high schools. It is small in consideration of child's observation posture, carrying, and handling, light, and a strong design.



It is the best for the observation of the specimen material such as chiefly lightproof metals. It is used to be surface of the metal and to inspect the wafer etc. with the reflected lighting. So the magnification of 50×~1000 × is general.
There is a type that the transmitted illumination can be used, too to observe the specimen material that passes light. It is an excellent microscope in the resolving power of resist by a high magnification.



It is a special microscope that penetrates the polarized light to the sample and examines the optical property of the sample. And the observation such as ore is the main usage. It is used to examine the optical property of the sample by pulling out, opening the special equipment such as the analyzer, polarizer and bertrand lenses, and observing it. 600 ×40× level of the magnification is general. It is possible to observe it while discoid the stage and rotating.

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